My work offers perceptual and tactile experiences to viewers. Slightly ambiguous forms or interactive features present ways for viewers to enter into a more personal experience. Viewers’ interactions create new, oftentimes unexpected results. Viewers are allowed to touch, erase, write signatures, add graffiti, open or turn my objects and often create new or unexpected results. I like the idea of creating work that reaches out to people, changes over time, and challenges the sanctity of the art object and its exhibition space. 
     The landscape series explores historical and perceptual interpretations, from the sublime to the environmental. I love duality of how we perceive both flat and representational surfaces. Some works allow the viewer to choose the orientation of the picture plane by turning the piece on a rotating base, and others contain visible or hidden aspects alluding to economic privilege, public or private ownership, environmental stewardship, and global warming.  
     The Erasables invite viewers to interact by erasing charcoal on a work’s surface. Many viewers struggle to decide whether to interact and change an artwork’s surface, which creates a kind of parallel to our behavior in the natural world.  Participants also create forms and words through the act of erasure.
     The Rolled Drawing series deals with that which is hidden from view, inaccessible, or no longer available. I have created the landscape work with a sense of loss and concern with what may happen to once-accessible environments in the future, as global warming modifies, changes, and alters of the forces of nature and human ways of life.  
      Previous work from 1992 through the present deal directly with the female representations, relationships, and voices. These works include self portraits documenting my pregnancy, mother-daughter diptychs, and a project entitled Hidden Histories, a recreation of a history of women at Colby with portraits, storyboards, and interactive pieces.  A new ongoing project started in 2016 is exploring the varied voices of local women's stories and often hidden presence in our community.